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ACUMEN Corporation sponsors Times-Dispatch Bracket Challenge

ACUMEN Corporation is proud to sponsor this year’s Richmond Times-Dispatch Bracket Challenge.  If you haven’t created your second chance Sweet 16 bracket (and we all need a second chance) – you have time!

May we ask you 3 questions?

  • Does your company ever have trouble shipping orders on time?
  • Does your company have a complete at-a-glance view of on-hand inventory?
  • Are production and shipping issues on your mind lately?

If you are considering new software for inventory or manufacturing and distribution, you know how hard it is to understand all the variables.  It’s like trying to pick winners for March Madness!  You work hard trying to choose well, reviewing rankings, coaches and players.  You need to put in the same type of planning effort when it comes to business systems to upgrade from your older, out of date software products.  And what seems like a sure winner, may not even be close to reality.

Let ACUMEN Corporation help you choose the right path to victory.  We’ll tell you about how a distributor/manufacturer was able to optimize production and inventory all without adding more staff or difficult software and ship more on time.

Let’s have a short email exchange — to decide if a deeper conversation is warranted.

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