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Phil Perkins – co-authors a new book

A recommended read … Willing To Buy – A Questioning Framework for Effective Closing

Excerpt by Phil Perkins, ACUMEN Corporation President

These days every hour of your work day is precious.  You have to spend time on those activities that deliver quantifiable results.  In this highly competitive environment you need to boost your productivity to in turn boost your career.  There is no other profession for which those realities apply more than sales.

In sales we all want to have a healthy pipeline.  But not every prospect in our pipeline is ready and willing to buy.  In fact, there is a fair chance some on our list aren’t prospects at all.

In this important book Dan Schultheis and Phil Perkins introduce a tried and true framework for finding out which prospects are real and ready to do business and where you should invest that precious time.

The Willing To Buy® Framework provides the tools you need to separate your pipeline from pipedream.

Once you understand and master the “four pillars” of the Willing To Buy® Framework and put them into daily practice you will not only increase sales but make your work day more enjoyable and productive.


While we wouldn’t normally plug someone’s book, I think we can make an exception for our president.

WTBbackCover_2015-01-11_1744_FINE_2mbLook for  Willing To Buy  available now at or