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You Read the Instructions and Tell Us How to Play

I think one of the defining experiences in my life that describes my personality to a “T” comes from 1972.  I was just 10 years old and we had all just ripped open our Christmas presents and were lulled into a gift overload stupor.  Then we had breakfast, woke up properly, and began looking at what loot we got.  Often my mother would give us board games – some popular, some not – as was the case that year.  It’s the “some not” I’m talking about here.  It would be some game we’d never heard of, nor knew how to play.  My lazy brothers would just say in unison “Chip, you read the instructions and tell us how to play!”  So, that’s what I would do.  Take the complex and make it simple.

I still do this today at home.  But rather than games, it’s explaining to my wife how to use the Alexa controlled lighting and thermostats.  I had to read the instructions, do all the testing, then tell her how to use it.  She still gets mad at Alexa, but at least it’s not my fault!

I do this today at ACUMEN Corporation, too.  In fact, our whole company does this type of thing in regards to implementing complex, powerful ERP systems, like SAP Business One.  We have already read the instructions, delved deeply into the software and can train you and your team in your company language “how to play the game.”  We utilize our 27+ years of expertise discovering your needs as a client, match up your pain points to SAP’s modules and business processes, and show you how to use it effectively.

Why is this important?  When it comes to implementing an ERP like SAP Business One, you need to read the instructions and do it right the first time.  That’s the ACUMEN way – doing it right the first time.  Interestingly, 50% of our business engagements have been to rescue flawed implementations of ERP systems!  Often enough, that simply means stepping in and showing a client how to use what they have.  Their original “partner” just installed software, handed them the keys and said in effect, “good luck!” and did little to no training.  We start from scratch with such clients, learn and discover their business needs, then help them learn to play the game – and WIN! If you are planning to upgrade from QuickBooks and spreadsheets to a truly state-of-the-art inventory and manufacturing software like SAP, or have an implementation that isn’t doing quite what you need, contact ACUMEN Corporation right away.  We’d love to help!