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What is ERP?

ERPThe ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) acronym has been around for many years. Interpreted broadly it is that designation given to a class of business software intended to facilitate the processes of your company end to end. Most ERP systems have full accounting suites, inventory management, sales order entry, purchasing and often production planning and scheduling if you are a manufacturer. There are even different flavors of ERP systems designed to facilitate the manufacture of discrete products (think televisions or computers as examples) or process and formula or menu related products (think chemicals, food products etc.)

The best of the best in the realm of ERP suites do a great job (when implemented properly) of keeping your business competitive and shipments/orders on time. Many even have Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules to help the sales team stay on top of prospective deals and in touch with current clients.

AnniversaryLogo+Ribbon_25th-Since1991-no-WWW_2016-03-26Some (including SAP Business One) have optional advanced inventory optimization features that take into consideration seasonality, prior trends and so forth. After all, these days no business owner wants to overstock. On the other hand they are bound and determined to insure that service levels don’t drop as the amount of inventory in stock does.

So ERP systems have improved the business landscape to a large degree and can certainly boost productivity…when implemented properly.  At ACUMEN Corporation we are sticklers for proper implementation. In fact we built our reputation on “doing it right the first time”.

That said, if you would like to learn a little more about how NOT to implement an ERP suite take a look at our blog called “Epic Fail” below.

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Web_hardhat-4-blank-spaceGet ahead of the game

with an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) from SAP. Stay competitive by relying on our market-leading ERP software to streamline your processes across all of your business in one software system:


    • Purchasing
    • Manufacturing
    • Shipping and Receiving
    • Inventory and Warehouse Management
    • Service and Custom Support
    • Sales and CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    • Finance and Accounting
  • HR


 Why SAP?   

Because you want a market-leading ERP system – run by companies worldwide, large and small

Trusted by nearly 50,000 customers, SAP ERP supports business processes in 25 industries, 37 languages, and 45 localizations. Offering role-based access to critical applications, data, and analytical tools, our enterprise resource management software has a proven track record of driving competitiveness and streamlining business processes.

  • Increase competitive edge with integrated, fast, and flexible business processes
  • Accelerate time to market with innovative, individualized products and services
  • Simplify corporate structure, market channel, and business scenario management
  • Improve corporate resource and asset utilization – for greater customer satisfaction
  • Rely on a consolidated foundation for the latest mobile, cloud, and in-memory technologies

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