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How to use resources in Production



Thursday, February 17, 2022  – 11:00 AM

You’ll learn how to set up and use bin locations to better track the location and movement of inventory

                         Overview of the setup and use of warehouse bin locations

        • Activation of levels (row/shelf/aisle,etc.);
        • Creation of bin location codes;
        • Properties of bin locations such as item or weight restrictions;
        • Automatic bin allocation;
        • Entry/ selection of bin locations in transactions
        • … and more

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** NOTE:  These sessions are designed for the purpose of enhancing client knowledge of SAP Business One operation.  ACUMEN Corporation presumes you attend these sessions with prior accounting knowledge.  We are not permitted and will not attempt to teach accounting principles, theory, GAAP, tax laws, nor offer financial counseling or advice.

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ACUMEN Corporation specializes in assisting small, medium-sized and larger businesses that find themselves in uncharted territory due to growth, expansion, acquisitions or changes in management, on the positive side.

Alternatively, businesses may find their current technologies aren’t keeping up and they are experiencing loss of bottom line control, inventory obsoletion or large shifts in their established markets.

Solo USA Inc tells us their success story about growth in the US.  See the full letter on the TESTIMONIALS page.

The announcement for the upcoming DCAA webinar, will be posted shortly.

ACUMEN Featured in Regional Business Magazine

ACUMEN Corporation was the subject of the cover story for the regional business magazine Enterprise Virginia.    The publication targeted corporate executives and government officials in Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina.    In the article entitled “Rescuing Your Bottom Line“, the ACUMEN focus is on bringing new strategies and productivity tools into mid-sized to large manufacturing firms is featured.

The article includes quotes from Phil Perkins and Sandra Dubé on ACUMEN’s commitment to completing projects on time and on budget, a concept that ACUMEN calls playing in the “Sweet 16”.

ACUMEN has a limited number of copies of the entire magazine but a good supply of reprints.    To receive a copy of the article, send an e-mail to Chip Lowell, with your request.

To find out more about the “Sweet 16 Implementations” concept, call or send an e-mail.    The ACUMEN team loves to discuss well-run projects.

ACUMEN will be introducing 2 new clients in the upcoming days.