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SAP Business One: A&A Transfer

A&A Transfer: SAP Business One Video/Case Study Materials


  1. Video
    • SAP Business One Success Story: TemperPack (in-depth)
    • SAP Business One Success Story: Brasser Kälte (overview)
    • Eralis Job with SAP (overview)
    • Eralis Anywhere with SAP (overview)
  2. Case Studies
    • Stertil-Koni – SAP Business One (PDF download)
    • Vargo Companies – Eralis-SAP (PDF download)
  3. What I Know About ACUMEN – A Client Perspective (video)

1. Video

SAP Business One Success Story: TemperPack

TemperPack – Protecting Products with Packaging That Protects the Earth.  Plastic packaging works well, is inexpensive, and is tough to beat. But, TemperPack, maker of plant-based packaging, is winning new customers every month.

To keep growing, they needed a new technology infrastructure. Co-founder James McGoff discusses the company’s vision for sustainability without compromise and why they chose to partner with SAP and ACUMEN Corporation.   TemperPack is located in Richmond, Virginia.

Video (16 minutes)

SAP Business One Success Story: Brasser Kälte

Discover how air conditioning contractors, Brasser Kälte, seamlessly integrated all companies within the group, thanks to SAP Business One. With improved processes and mobile solutions, the production and installation teams can now work faster and more flexibly, which is a huge benefit for technicians on the road.

Video (3 minutes)


Eralis Job overview

With Eralis Job and SAP Business One, you can easily stay on top of your job progress, costing and performance. See how the solution allows small and mid-size service-based companies to streamline job management using a single system.

Video (3 minutes)


Eralis Anywhere overview

Anywhere works alongside Eralis Job and SAP Business One to give mobile employees easy access to job information in the field.

Video (2 minutes)

2. Case Studies

Stertil-Koni [Download full SAP-ACUMEN Success Story Book PDF]

Stertil-Koni is the undisputed market leader in safe and dependable heavy-duty vehicle lifts.  From bus lifts to truck lifts, they readily handle them all.  They are a global company with outreach to over 80 countries. They have over 12 subsidiaries world-wide and we have countless distributors.  Stertil-Koni USA assembles and installs on client sites – tracking everything in SAP Business One. (pg 24-25)

“SAP Business One is everything the team at ACUMEN Corporation promised it would be.  We now have the end to end visibility of our processes from order to cash. As a CFO, I really appreciate that.  I think it’s safe to say that as our business has changed over the years, we’ve never faced a challenge that demands a technical approach that ACUMEN couldn’t address.”
Tore Melsom, Chief Financial Officer, Stertil-Koni USA, Inc.


Vargo Companies [Download PDF]

Industrial automation specialist, Vargo Companies, uses Eralis Job to understand the true profit of every job it undertakes, increasing profit margins by 10% and reducing cost of sales at the same time.

Vargo Companies uses Eralis Job to capture and measure the profitability of activity across the various types of sales the company encounters, say COO and CFO Bart Cera.

“We use Eralis Job across everything. If we buy a single cart and sell it drop shipped to the customer, that sale is tracked and references internally as a job – even though it’s a single line item for the cost of the cart plus freight. If we design and install a $20 million material handling system for a client, that’s also a job, although we typically track this in somewhat smaller increments using sub-job functionality in Eralis Job.”

Vargo uses Eralis Job to understand the profit of every job, large or small. It captures all hard and soft costs including field services, software development, parts, tool repairs, forklifts, plane tickets, truck depreciation and dumpster fees, right down to the use of tools and extension cords.


3. What I Know About ACUMEN – A Client Perspective

Video (3 minutes)