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Acumen Testimonials

A Client’s Perspective; Why I Joined the ACUMEN Team


“ACUMEN Corporation looked at Solo’s business model to help us become more efficient by showing us how SAP could solve problem areas. They “tweaked” the standard  product to make it specific to our needs, including requirements for shipping orders.”   Marion S. Bauer, Vice-President, Solo USA Inc.

Susquehanna-Pfaltzgraff Co. – Project Success

“If I were restricted to one thing I would say they (ACUMEN )are a champion for the process.”

“In other words ACUMEN is extremely committed to project success … more than even some users … and they are willing to push the client when necessary to help ensure success. It might sound cliche but they take ownership.  I remember ACUMEN CEO Phil Perkins telling me before the project to be prepared for his team to state their opinion and take corrective action if the project were in jeopardy.  I would go a bit further and then say a project team at ACUMEN is willing to challenge and be challenged,  but that makes for a rewarding and successful implementation and partnership.”      Eric Linde,  VP, and Corporate Controller,   Susquehanna-Pfaltzgraff Co.                                                                                                                                     (excerpt from an interview with Profiles Magazine)

Selecting our next-generation software system was obviously a very important decision for our growing firm.   While many ERP products may have done the job,  the factor that tipped things in SAP’s direction was the clearly superior implementation methodology offered by ACUMEN Corporation.  From a management standpoint,  it’s comforting to be working with the world’s largest application software company as well as a best in class consulting and implementation firm.”          Industrial Commodities, Inc., Vice President,  Richmond,  VA