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Sell me your product in 90 seconds! (and I’ll sell you mine…)

Sell me your product in 90 seconds (and I’ll sell you mine). Ready?  You have 90 seconds to sell me your product/service.  Go! Oh, wait, I’m not listening right now.  But do it in the comments on our LinkedIn post – this will be a great exercise.  I got the idea…


A Client’s Perspective; Why I Joined the ACUMEN Team

Hi, my name is Chip Lowell.  I am vice president of business development at ACUMEN Corporation.  I’ve been with ACUMEN since 2014.  What did I do prior to then?  I was a client!  I’m sure you’ve heard the advertisement that says “I liked the product so much, I bought the…


Inventory Optimization Webinar

Join us for our webinars Wednesday, September 16, or Thursday, October 15, 2015 at 11:00 AM!