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Inventory – Sales “Wonderlust”?

    Our webinar on April 19 will feature inventory planning with true scientific methodology, proven by clients in over 31 countries . Read the following EXECUTIVE BRIEFING from our President and CEO, Phil Perkins.  He’ll give you the link to registration at the bottom.  


Can’t Sell What You Can’t Ship: Inventory Optimization for Distributors and Manufacturers

Welcome to ACUMEN Corporation’s webinar on inventory optimization for distributors and manufacturers.  Give us 45 minutes of your time and you will walk away with some very profitable ideas.  We at ACUMEN have discovered something everyone in business is aware of:  you can’t sell what you can’t ship!  Order fulfillment issues hurt…


Responsible for Sales? You Can’t Sell What You Can’t Ship!

Order Fulfillment Issues Hurt Your Sales (and your pocket!) If order fulfillment is a problem, then you’re not at fault for missing your sales goals. Your commissions are seriously impacted and your Sales Manager looks bad, but what can you do? Share this invitation with your Sales Manager, Operations, Warehouse…


Phil Perkins – co-authors a new book

A recommended read … Willing To Buy – A Questioning Framework for Effective Closing Excerpt by Phil Perkins, ACUMEN Corporation President These days every hour of your work day is precious.  You have to spend time on those activities that deliver quantifiable results.  In this highly competitive environment you need to…