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A Client’s Perspective; Why I Joined the ACUMEN Team

Hi, my name is Chip Lowell.  I am vice president of business development at ACUMEN Corporation.  I’ve been with ACUMEN since 2014.  What did I do prior to then?  I was a client!  I’m sure you’ve heard the advertisement that says “I liked the product so much, I bought the…


EPIC FAIL – Chapter One

EPIC FAIL How NOT to implement your ERP system; Chapter One (Chapter One in an eBook titled the same) By Phillip G. Perkins, ACUMEN Corporation, President and CEO        As I was conceiving an appropriate title for this eBook I necessarily had to recall hearing about those big, bad implementation failures…


How We Do What We Do; Information Systems Optimization the ACUMEN Way

  There are myriad approaches to solving any problem. There are myriad ways to turn a problem into an opportunity. Not all solutions result in long term satisfaction. With matters of health, when we are ailing or have a wound, sometimes we just need a Band-Aid and sometimes we need…


Inventory Optimization Webinar

Join us for our webinars Wednesday, September 16, or Thursday, October 15, 2015 at 11:00 AM!


Phil Perkins – co-authors a new book

A recommended read … Willing To Buy – A Questioning Framework for Effective Closing Excerpt by Phil Perkins, ACUMEN Corporation President These days every hour of your work day is precious.  You have to spend time on those activities that deliver quantifiable results.  In this highly competitive environment you need to…


Cloud vs. Hosted Software Options

  Many of our clients are in a quandary when considering cloud applications as opposed to self maintained or third party hosted ERP solutions. I can certainly understand why, given the amount of press the “new” cloud option is getting. Time to take a serious and hopefully impartial look at…