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COVID-19 -our Plan

Our plan: COVID-19 will not affect support

Here at ACUMEN Corporation it will be business as usual during our fight against Coronavirus, with slight modifications to promote safety and good health.

I hope this note finds you well and in safe surroundings. We take our responsibility to you and your company very seriously. We also recognize and enjoy the friendships we have made over the years and think about each one of you as we face this crisis together.

It seemed appropriate that I take moment to tell you that the entire team at ACUMEN is sheltering and working in place and that business will continue as usual, except for any scheduled face to face meetings.

We have a full range of technology available to us and use GoToMeeting routinely. That along with voice to voice connections should insure a consistent level of support for your company.

I am happy to report that at this moment all of our associates are in good health and facing our mutual challenges with vigor.

If I can be of any assistance during this period please do not hesitate to reach out.
Stay safe.


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