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3 Reasons Distributors and Manufacturers Need to Call ACUMEN Corporation Today

Do you think this headline sounds fairly self-serving?  Well, it is!  If you are a distributor or manufacturer, we want to talk to you.  Why?  Here are 3 great reasons:

1.  Your Sales.  The most important part of any sales team’s day is ensuring their customers get their orders received on time, in the right quantity and meet their quality standards.  Is your sales team constantly nipping at your heels asking about order fulfillment?  If you had a way for them to know what’s happening at all points of order processing, would that help you?  Call ACUMEN today to find out how that can be accomplished.

2.  Your Inventory.  The most important part of any inventory manager’s day is understanding what he/she has, what’s due in and what’s due out – and feeling 100% confident in the numbers the system is showing.  Does your inventory team feel that confident in your inventory software and in-house procedures?  Would a high level of confidence help you?  Call ACUMEN today to find out how that can be accomplished.

3.  Your Warehouse.  Sometimes it’s not your base inventory software that’s the issue with the team’s faith in what they see on screen.  It can be the actual process of moving inventory:  receiving, put-away, picking, packing and shipping.  At each one of those points errors can arise from manual entry of data into computers or written on paper and later recorded into a computer.  Does your warehouse team make use of bar code readers for inventory moves?  Bar code scanning can increase inventory accuracy by 60%.  Would that help you?  Call ACUMEN today to find out how that can be accomplished.

Bonus reason:  ACUMEN Corporation has successfully implemented inventory and warehouse management systems for over 27 years.  In fact, almost 50% of our consulting engagements have been to rescue competitors’ flawed ERP implementations.  We are experts in helping distribution and manufacturing companies through digital transformation.  Our founder and CEO, Phillip Perkins, says “The delivery system is of equal or greater importance than the product being delivered.”  You are the delivery system of your product to your customers.  ACUMEN is the delivery system to help you successfully transition to a truly productive ERP.

Every company can use help.  ACUMEN provides help.  And we love doing just that.

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