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Holiday Reflections

During the holidays I always try to look back at the year that is fading away and take stock of all that has happened. Of course, as with all families, ours has had trials and tribulations but has accomplished some significant goals we set over the past months. I’m happy to say there are more accomplishments than missteps.

I also like to reflect on the friends and colleagues who play such a great role in everyday life. To be certain, one’s personal friends are real treasures and, combined with family, always help keep things real. They also form part of the support network that all of us want to have. I certainly have mine.

Then there are colleagues. In my case it starts with an outstanding team at ACUMEN Corporation. Up until now, I’ve seldom shared a workday with such dedicated individuals, all of whom believe our successes come from being a real team and serving our clients with distinction. You guys are the best.

And speaking of clients, we are privileged to work with a great many successful and growing companies. Oh, we certainly try to make the interactions with each and every one a win-win. We are committed to delivering value with everything we do for them.  They all play a role in helping ACUMEN also continue to be successful and grow. And another real payoff is the friends we have made in almost all of these client companies. I have a great deal of pride in how we are greeted when we visit their places of business, for instance. That’s just one example of the warmth we feel.  I thank our team for that as well.

So here is my professional commitment for the coming year. All of us at ACUMEN Corporation  will continue to serve our clients  as we always have.  With Integrity, Intensity, Energy and Focus…and the most import of those is Integrity.

From all of us at ACUMEN Corporation may the holiday season bring you joy and the new year bright vistas and new challenges.