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How Do You Make Decisions?

Lately I’ve given a good bit of thought to how people make decisions. Certainly things have changed a good deal in the past several years, given the immediate access to information via the internet. For instance, in our business we’ve been impressed with the much more informed questions we get when folks are looking for ERP, Business and Accounting software or help with their information systems needs.

I’ve even noticed a change in my decision-making processes when shopping for a new car or other large purchase. Look, I admit I’m a car guy and can’t be trusted to walk into a car dealer uninformed. I have been known to make an emotional decision about that tough looking little sports car.  You know the compulsion. Right?

Well now I thoroughly research the make and model of the car I have in mind before walking into a dealership. It has partially cured me of emotional buying decision. It has also changed the dialogue between me and the salesperson. It’s amazing how quickly you get past the warm and fuzzy overviews of the car and talk about gas mileage, safety ratings, service records and other more important details. My last couple of cars have been selected on more important considerations than color and zero to 60 performance.  Not that those don’t factor into the decision, just not to the degree they once did.

So, the result of discovering the reality of the new decision-making process for our business here at ACUMEN Corporation is twofold. First, we acknowledge and encourage perspective clients to do their research online and bring informed questions to our discovery meetings.  Second, we are committed to providing as much information about our company, our products and services and the satisfaction level of our clients across the country.

If you happen to be one of those perspective clients and can’t find an answer to your question about those offerings on our website, please reach out to us and we will get you an answer.  That’s hard commitment.

And if you have any tips on the new round of sporty cars….I’m listening.