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Knee replacements hurt! Why you shouldn’t wait to improve your inventory software and business systems.

My wife works at a health and wellness company – specifically in fitness and weight loss.  Many of their customers are quite heavy and need to drop substantial weight.  This extra burden on their bodies typically has serious joint issues along with the health risks:  knees most often.  Bad knees + extra weight = OUCH.  Once the knee pain is bad enough, they opt for knee replacement surgery.

The prospect of undergoing that type of procedure often causes some stress!  The person needing the new knee(s) will often seek out others that have gone through it before and ask “Does it hurt?”  And each response without exception is “Yes!  It hurt like hell!”  Which of course, the questioner was worried about.  But the respondent always follows up immediately with “It hurt like hell, but I should have done it 10 years ago!”  Ah!  Absolutely worth it.

How does this align with business systems?  ACUMEN Corporation specializes in ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems for manufacturers and distributors.  Most of our clients come to us once the “weight” of their business is wearing out the “knees” of the operations team and software.  QuickBooks and spreadsheets just can’t handle it anymore.  They know they need to really move up to a world-class platform, such as SAP Business One.  They know they’d like to get all their financial, inventory, demand planning, production, sales/CRM and more into one powerful, yet easy to use, system.  But it’s going to hurt like hell to get all that done – and do their day jobs.

But it’s oh, so worth it!  Once the decision is made to “Go Live” on the brand-spanking-new SAP Business One suite, everyone sighs with pleasure.  All the data that was once in too many places to count, is in one spot.  Everyone on the team knows where to find sales opportunities, inventory needs, financials and more.  The process was smooth, but not painless.  And worth it!

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