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Pride in Partnership

Phil Perkins
ACUMEN Corporation President and CEO

I’ve often said that we at ACUMEN Corporation are fortunate to serve so many innovative clients.  Most are either manufacturers or distributors. Many make or distribute innovative products to their appreciative customers. Only a handful of clients can be said to truly disrupt the markets they serve by developing products that are aimed at solving a particular problem while doing some social good at the same time. Please consider the following mission as articulated by our client TemperPack Technologies, Inc. in Richmond, Virginia:

“Protect products with packaging that protects the planet”

In short, TemperPack has developed products to serve the perishable food and life sciences industries that are basically a sustainable, green alternative to Styrofoam.  In 2018 they launched ClimaCell ®, a plant-based, insulator that protects Control Room Temperature (CRT), refrigerated and frozen pack-outs up to 96 hours.

Over the past year, we have been honored to assist TemperPack® in the implementation of our flagship software suite SAP Business One. As our professional consultants became familiar with the mission of our client and their business and social goals, our involvement became a labor of love.  Moreover, our pride grew as we realized we were playing a small role in helping them deliver upon their stated mission.

Giant software developer SAP is heavily involved and invested in the development of sustainable and green products and processes around the globe. With that in mind and in coordination with our executive team here at ACUMEN, SAP has nominated TemperPack for their prestigious Innovation Award.  According to SAP:

“The SAP Innovation Awards celebrate the achievements of forward-thinking companies and individuals from around the world who are using SAP products to transform their businesses, drive innovation, and shape their Intelligent Enterprises”.

Winners will be announced on March 18, 2020 and we are certainly proud that TemperPack is mentioned among the most innovative companies worldwide. We are also proud that TemperPack has seen fit to credit our team with helping them achieve their impressive goals.

According to TemperPack Vice President of Finance Paul Blocher:

“ACUMEN has been a great partner. This deployment touched nearly every aspect of our operation, and we needed an expert to come in and provide both technology and business acumen to make it a holistic success. ACUMEN has delivered at every step.”

As CEO here at ACUMEN Corporation I would like to thank the combined team of ACUMEN and TemperPack professionals who have built a sustainable and innovative information systems infrastructure that will carry them well into the future.