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Sell me your product in 90 seconds! (and I’ll sell you mine…)

Sell me your product in 90 seconds (and I’ll sell you mine).

Ready?  You have 90 seconds to sell me your product/service.  Go!

Oh, wait, I’m not listening right now.  But do it in the comments on our LinkedIn post – this will be a great exercise.  I got the idea from Claude Diamond (see video here:

It’s a takeoff of the old elevator pitch, but with real impact.  Help me buy what you have – today!

It all starts with questions – “Have you ever…?”  “Would you like to…?”  “What would you want if…”

That kind of thing.  Get to the pain/pleasure of the matter right away.  Elicit response and then follow up.  And close!

So give it a try – we can all work on this together.  I’ll start with my 90 second bit:


Do you have a company that builds things?

Do you distribute products?

Are you as happy as you could be with how smoothly your financials, inventory, shipping, sales and management software tools all work together?

If you’re like most successful, growing companies, I bet you could be happier!  What do you think?

You need SAP Business One.  SAP is a complete, end-to-end software for running your small or mid-sized inventory intensive business.

And you don’t have to do it alone.  My company, ACUMEN Corporation, has subject matter experts that will help:

  • save money in your warehouse
  • move products in and out on time (making sales folks happy!)
  • consolidate all your different software into one easy to use platform

In fact, our team helped optimize inventory for a food products company – and saved them over $300,000 in stocking levels while increasing service levels!

Can everyone in your company see everything they need to know – right now?  In one place? 

Would you like that?

Smart companies, just like yours, use SAP every day.

Tell us about your company.

And we’ll show you how to be happier every day, with the affordable, #1 world-class business software, SAP Business One!


Well, that’s my first shot.  Critique it!  And sell me your product/service/idea in the comments below our LinkedIn post.  Hey, you never know, I might even need what you offer!