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Small companies can now afford the best tools






You know, I seldom use our blog area to do a commercial. I’d like to think that whatever writing I do in this area has some informational if not educational value, but this time I think I need to break my own rule for a good cause. I’ll follow-up on that thought later in this article.

Startups and SMEs Cannot Afford To Lag Behind in ERP Technology

If you have visited our website or read any of my books, blogs or articles, you know our company is in the business of deploying Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for wholesale distributors and manufacturers around the country. This is our 25th year of doing just that and we’re proud of the contribution we have made in the success of our clients. We have become experts at inventory planning, inventory management, warehouse management, supply chain facilitation, finance, sales and marketing and logistics as it relates to those industries. Many of the companies we have assisted deployed on premise end to end software suites covering all areas of the enterprise. I have to admit that implementing an ERP system can be quite expensive, depending upon your goals and how adaptable a client is to new ideas, business processes and best practices. So for many years these software suites were reserved for larger enterprises with deep pockets.

But the tide has turned…..

We have recently seen a laser focus by certain software providers on the SME (Small to Midsize Enterprise) space and even on startups. I’m particularly happy to report that our long term software partner SAP is among that group. In case you weren’t aware, SAP is the world’s largest author of business management software. For many years their focus was on Fortune 1000 companies and their respective supply chains. In fact you are apt to find SAP ERP suites in most Fortune 500 companies, including many with headquarters here in the mid-Atlantic. As an aside, the head office for SAP in the USA is in the Philadelphia area. Convenient!

With the advent of cloud based, subscription versions of popular SAP products such as SAP Business One, even the smallest startup can likely afford the nominal month to month fees and take full benefit of software that will allow them to make products, sell them, ship them, bill the customer and account for all transactions with a solid General Ledger system. Also native to the SAP suite I’m discussing, are other modules such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), product service, procurement, HR and Crystal Reports (yep, that too is an SAP product).

This is a very competitive world. We have finally gotten to the point that even a company still operating out of a garage can compete with the big boys using virtually the same technologies. Quite frankly those startups and small to midsized business cannot afford NOT to explore the features, benefits and rapid return on investment associated with these new offerings.

So here is my commercial. Visit our website and become familiar with your options. If you are entrepreneur thinking of starting a company but afraid of the cost of software to facilitate your dream, now may be the perfect time to take the plunge. If you have a going business looking to grow with the help of the tools used to competitive advantage by larger companies, I’m here to tell you now IS the perfect time.

Here’s even better news. It doesn’t cost a thing to talk with us about your goals and objectives.

We’re here to help.