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Supporting Employees: Life/Work Balance

Having been a manager for a number of years with very diverse teams (and also an employee with my own family) I have experienced both sides of family and other personal situations that impact work hours and productivity. As a manager, I think it is important to provide a supportive and flexible atmosphere for your team so they can focus on taking care of whatever arises without having to worry about missing a deadline or falling behind on a project or assignment. An employee who is ‘forced’ to be at their desk while distracted by other issues will not be providing the value they normally would, and depending on the work environment, can potentially cause unintentional business or even physical harm.

Don’t ask me to choose

As an employee who has had to deal with both medical and non-medical issues for both myself and family members, I can really appreciate the flexibility and support I have been provided. Whether flexible scheduling, assistance with travel and other arrangements, or just a phone call/email expressing support, knowing that management really cares about the personal situation and is supportive makes a big difference.

It is necessary for companies to have formalized HR policies concerning medical and other emergency leave, both for the employee directly as well as for family members. However, sometimes those strict policies don’t quite line up with the reality of the situation. That is where having a manager (and company) that is both supportive and flexible can really make a big difference.  Energizing and empowering your team means more than just giving the right software tools and training – it also includes providing the right level of support when needed. A supported employee will be much more productive when they return knowing that management understands and has their back.

At ACUMEN Corporation, we work hard to foster an environment where our associates know that we have their back – both personally and professionally. We are more than just a company – we are family.

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