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Your CPA Firm Brings Additional Value

I’m proud to say that we have had the same outside tax accounting firm for all of our 25 years in business. During that period they have become extremely knowledgeable in our business practices, products and the nuances of our marketplace. It’s truly a luxury to have an advisor we trust as we make critical decisions.

While some software companies and consultants can tend to undervalue the role a good accounting firm can play as software is deployed, we find that saving them a seat at the table adds discipline and focus to the client team on many occasions. Typically a well-rounded accounting firm can offer advice on financial reporting (even as it relates to new business software), business processes and management productivity. Moreover, many firms have experts at information systems audits who understand the challenges faced by companies looking to overhaul their systems.

So we salute our partners in the accounting firms around the country and welcome and thank them for their input.