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What is Hip?

Some years ago, ACUMEN sponsored a national user group meeting in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona.  There were several good presentations from business and accounting practitioners. That said, many dealt with the latest federal regulations or changes in tax laws. That sort of material, while helpful, can be sort of dry. In…


Confessions of a Car Guy

I think it all started when I saw those west coast kids driving up and down the Pacific Coast Highway in their little English sports cars. Lots of them drove Triumph TR3 or Austin Healey convertables, but my ride of choice was the MGA (see pictured). I ended up buying…


Yet Another Acronym (IoT) and Its Impact on ERP

If any of you have followed my blogs or seen me speak at a conference you might have noticed that I hate acronyms. It’s a pity too, because our industry would seemingly grind to a halt without them. ERP, CRM, SaaS, AI, SAP….you get the picture. Quite frankly, I’m somewhat…


Don’t Let Me Down; Lunch with a Client

Recently I had the pleasure of having lunch with one of our clients here in Richmond, Virginia. In this particular case my client’s project was roughly half complete. Many times, that’s the point where managers and business owners start getting nervous about “go live goals” and over-all investment. Part of…


You Didn’t Hear This 40 Years Ago

On a given day, I realize how many things have changed since 1991 when ACUMEN Corporation opened our first office. Technology has advanced at such a brisk pace that, even for a technology company, it can become quite a chore keeping up. Of course, there is always a light side…


World Class Customer Service is a Two Way Street

I’m going to say something now that you might be surprised to hear me or anyone say. I really like my car salesman. You know why? We talk every once in a while, and not every discussion involves him trying to sell me a new car. Nope, sometimes it’s just…


How Do You Make Decisions?

Lately I’ve given a good bit of thought to how people make decisions. Certainly things have changed a good deal in the past several years, given the immediate access to information via the internet. For instance, in our business we’ve been impressed with the much more informed questions we get…



Setting an Ethical Bar for Your Company Anyone who watches the television show The Profit (clever play  on words eh?) knows that Marcus Lemonis likes to do business on a handshake. At least it looks that way on the show. For the uninitiated Lemonis, a very successful businessman, helps struggling…


A Good Man Can Always Have An Impact

Have you ever considered the impact your first real job ended up having on your life and career? Recently I thought back to that period for me and was really surprised to realize how the lessons I learned then stuck with me as I founded ACUMEN Corporation and beyond. Here’s the story….

Holiday Reflections

During the holidays I always try to look back at the year that is fading away and take stock of all that has happened. Of course, as with all families, ours has had trials and tribulations but has accomplished some significant goals we set over the past months. I’m happy…